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Just finished season 3 and…I’ve come to the end of my tether with this show. I can’t recall ever watching a show that willyfully wastes amazing potential season after season.

The premise of the show is amazing and there are some great characters but after 3 seasons we still have zero pay-offs!! I get it, you want to be abstract and mysterious, but for heaven’s sake, you need to tie up storylines/events at some point!! At least give us a mini pay-off at the end of each season!! But no, the (much talked about) war still hasn’t started yet and we still don’t know who or what Shadow really is. But hey, at least we get an entire episode (season 3 episode 8) dedicated entirely to the LGBTQ community. Screw answering any questions about the storyline, we’ll give you identity politics instead.

I really really wanted to like this show and there are some great elements (hence the 5 stars instead of 1), but I refuse to spend any more of my time on self-indulgent nonsense. American Gods is Lost version 2, watch american gods.


Got through an episode and a half. Couldn’t take it anymore. The book did not have any weird SJW nonsense in it. From what I heard, it only gets worse and it’s not good. The scene with Anansi was just beyond stupid and nothing like it was done in the books. Why would you burn your ship with everyone on it? Why not live and use the information Anansi told you to change and make a difference? But anyways, that was totally not in the books.

I’m really struggling to keep watching as the book really was pretty weird too. I really hate when Hollywood makes stories set in the Midwest where the story and characters have no depth. They can’t seem to ever get it right. I may have given Neil Gaiman stuff enough of my life.


If you are curious on what happens just don’t…. It is not worth spending time on.

Husband and dead wife spend the season separated. Nothing really happens, everyone goes in circles and hangs out at the funeral home. A bit of backstory about the leprechaun. They repair a spear. Leprechaun dies.

Main character Shadowmoon gets even more questions and less answers. Main lines include «I want a straight answer» «Just tell me» «What’s going on».

First season wasn’t fantastic, but at least interesting. Season 2 belongs in the trash.